Simon Monjack exudes class

Simon Monjack claimed time and time again that Britney wasn’t on drugs, just cough syrup and menstrual cramp drugs. Now that the final autopsy report was released showing Brittany didn’t have illegal drugs in her system, Simon feels vindicated and thought it was the perfect time to issue a statement to Radar which basically sums up to, “Haha, f**k you.”

“Although Brittany’s autopsy report was incredibly shocking and sad to the family, to me, Sharon and I both shed tears. We are vindicated in that we always said Brittany never did any kind of illegal substances and that the medication she was taking was the medication found in her system and we hope now that people will understand the legacy of Brittany Murphy and the incredible body of work of Brittany Murphy.

“As the most maligned man in America, I hope people realize that they shouldn’t believe anything they hear and read and I love my wife as much today as I did on the day I married her.

“I am so sad that we are living in a culture of rumor and I just wish that people would understand that sometimes out of every tragedy can come some good. I know Brittany would want to feel the vindication. She never took a drug or a drink and that’s been shown. I love her family; the rumors can stop as we grieve our dead loved one and we can get on to grieve.

“I personally thank the thousands of people who have emailed me with condolences; people I’ve never met, people who have never met me, the people who don’t jump to rush decisions. I hope people realize what an incredible mother and friend Sharon is. The rest of the family are so, so devastated but at least the truth was outted, as it always does, and the truth is, unfortunately, Brittany died of pneumonia and the drug intoxication turned out to be Vicks inhaler combined with the menstrual cramp medication that we never denied she took.

“I think it’s time for everybody to realize that Brittany was just an incredibly happy, precious angel that lives on through her fans and in our hearts.”

Hopefully he said all this while waving a bunch of $100’s in the air and flashing his new gold grill with “Brittany” embossed on it. Alas, there was no mention of how being cut from Happy Feet 2 killed her. Some could say that probably played a big role in her death. Maybe in a lawsuit against WB perhaps.

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