The White Power Ranger wants to fight Van Damme

White Power Ranger Jason David Frank, who made a “successful” MMA debut last month (video below), has challenged Jean-Claude Van Damme to an MMA fight.

Recognizing he needs a valid storyline for people to care, Frank says he’s still pissed about how Van Damme snubbed him at a Power Rangers movie premiere in 1995.

It was a damn Power Rangers movie premiere. Kermit the Frog would have snubbed Jason David Frank. Even I would have ignored the dude and I liked Power Rangers back then. If anybody asked me what I was doing there, I’d tell them I was taking my little brother… who’s in the bathroom and he’ll be done soon and what’s with all the questions, man! Is this an inquisition? God, this is so embarrassing.

Also, “successful” is in quotes because, although Jason won, it was unimpressive. White Power Ranger got rocked early on but managed to secure an omaplata after a sloppy takedown. [TMZ]

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