Chad Ochocinco has a naked video too

Not only does this tie in with the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars, but it also ties in with that other viral Reebok ad with the naked Chuck Liddell. This time we have Chad Ochocinco inexplicably jogging naked in the park wearing nothing but his kicks. Because that’s how athletes like Chuck, Ocho and I train. In the nude. Impervious to the pointing, the laughing and the guy standing in the distance aiming a camera at us while breathing heavily.

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12 years ago

Good heavens! Suddenly I feel like losing my fruitful virginity and bearing children Blue Lagoon style, but my religion says otherwise. That man’s got me feeling all natural and one with nature!

12 years ago

Oh well, for now, all I can do is run buck naked in my house. Would have been nice if he did that video barefoot as I have a fetish for men’s feet like Rose Perez does.

Any woman who says you aren’t turned on (or at least a little moist) is lying!

I hope the Lord will forgive me for the temptations I have circumed to which Chad caused when I go to confession.

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