Chris Brown fighting for relevancy

Through, Chris Brown recorded a message to his fans begging them to “bring me back” (audio via TMZ here). Brown continues, “a lot of radio stations aren’t playing my records. They are not being that supportive and I wouldn’t expect them to.”

Of course, the memory of that asshat punching Rihanna in the face a couple hundred times is still fresh in people’s minds. But Brown says he’s changed and is “a better guy now” and that his music won’t be possible if he’s not relevant. Translation: his money is running out.

Amazing. The needle on my pity meter didn’t even go past 0. Who’s really going to miss his music? The last thing I heard from Chris was a 3 minute song about Double Mint Gum. If I wanted to hear that, I’d just watch tv for the commercials.

[Images: INF]

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14 years ago

Stop calling the boy a woman beater, girlfriend basher, wtf ever. I’m not saying he’s Scott free innocent but he is paying for what was done. Rihanna on the other hand isn’t paying for s**t she is salting the wound for the media to feed off of. She of course hit him first etc, etc. Sure, she’s a female and it couldn’t have possibly had an affect like his hits did but it could do something. I think that the light needs to be shown that she is a girl just as Chris is a boy not woman and man… Read more »

14 years ago

this is the fact, straight and simple. It takes a moron to write a novel just to speak his/her/its argument. All the others on the opposing side of the fence need only to state their argument in one or two sentences

t, you need to get off the tweak. Your points and conjectures are as blunt as the stump you call a penis.

oh yes, the name TWINKIE says it all.

go f**k your mother