Demi Moore is helpful

Life & Style reports Demi Moore, 47, gave her daughter Rumer Willis, 21, a lesson in pole dancing at a party at the Chateau Marmont last month. Apparently a stripper pole is like honey to Demi and celebrity daughters are apparently immune to dying of embarrassment.

“There was a pole at the bash, and Demi thought it would be fun to show everyone she still has what it takes,” says a partygoer. “Demi even spun around the pole upside down. It was incredible.” Then it was Rumer’s turn, as stepdad Ashton Kutcher and A-listers Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo DiCaprio, among others, looked on. “It was strange, but Demi encouraged Rumer to join her,” says the partygoer. “Everyone was cheering, and Leo gave Ashton a high-five. Ashton put his arms around both Demi and Rumer and looked like the proudest man in the room.”

If my mom did this to me, I might vomit. No offense to my mother, but I don’t need to see her swinging upside down on a stripper pole. Again. Really, it was kind of funny at on my 16th birthday, but uh, I didn’t want it to turn it into a tradition or anything. If I was Rumer, I’d have closed my eyes to find my happy place and never returned.

[Images: Bauer-Griffin]

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