Gerard Butler and Madonna?

Gerard Butler has been linked to pretty much everyone. He’s basically the manslut of Hollywood right now according to the tabloids. He’s like a male Paris Hilton, but more respectable. So it’s no surprise the latest “Gerard Butler hooked up with” story involves Madonna. From Hollywood Life:

Gerard attended a private bash that Madge, Demi Moore and producer Guy Oseary threw in the Hollywood Hills March 7 – and despite the very late hour, the action was steamy, we’re told. Madonna and Gerard were “all over each other,” one eyewitness tells “She was putting on the full-court press, totally charming him – and even challenged him to a dance-off! They were grinding in the middle of the room real close and then Demi joined in. It was hot! Gerard was loving the attention.”

After their sexy dance display, Madonna, 52, and Gerard, 40, huddled in a corner – but alas, she left alone.

Hollywood Life says it was a good idea Jennifer Aniston didn’t show up because she probably would have cut her wrists. That would have made things real awkward because no one would have noticed. They’d probably think the red stain on the floor was from wine or something.

And of course Madonna left alone. Why anyone would dare let those gnarled oak tree arms touch them is a mystery. You might as well get a handjob from a pine tree. Her vagina has so many layers of dust you’d need to use Pine-Sol as a lubricant.

[Images: INF]

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13 years ago

what a sad day when all you can post mean and despicable stories get a life jen has stated over and over they are just friends. do Americans women not have any male friends or must you be sleeping and looking at every male as a prospective husband. get with the 20th century and stop demeaning women as men hungry people. jmo

13 years ago

too bad you really don’t know Gerry…..guess you just belive what you read in the tabloids, if you can read at all with your 3rd.grade education!.
I’ve met him and he’s the sweetest guy ever. Besides he’s single and not hanging around with marries women so next time, try and write the truth!