Jennifer Love Hewitt will now eat solo

A rep has confirmed to PEOPLE that Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy have split.

Jennifer and Jamie were together since March 2009. Although back in October, it was reported that Hewitt was oblivious to the fact that Jamie had already mentally checked out of the relationship and was trying to hook up with his ex, Shannon Funk.

In January on the George Lopez Show, she might have alluded to the split by talking about bedazzling her vagina after a break-up. Can you imagine that? Hewitt sitting on her pear ass hunched over sobbing while gluing Swarovski crystals one by one onto her vagina and taking a break every few minutes to shovel ice cream in her mouth? Rawr! What man wouldn’t want that?

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12 years ago

if you never heard this dog laugh, or never saw her without makeup, you might care… as it is, i’ve seen both, and I’m still afraid to open a playboy…. this girls is fugly beyond bekief