Jesse James is going to sex rehab

Since it worked for Tiger Woods, Jesse James decided to go to sex rehab to rehabilitate his image. Because, didn’t you know, they have rehab for everything. His rep said he’s already checked himself in and that “he realized that this time was crucial to help himself, help his family and help save his marriage.” One source confirms he checked in on March 26.

Meanwhile, Inside Edition via ONTD obtained the Jesse James Nazi photo. They say the photo was taken while he was dating Bullock back in 2004. The hat is identical to the one worn by Michelle McGee. Friends of Jesse say the photo was only taken for shock value.

And in other news, Life & Style via Huffington Post reports Jesse had unprotected sex during a foursome with Eric McDougall, his receptionist Skittles Valentine and Michelle McGee last year.

Nazi enthusiast Jesse James had all sorts of sex while he was married to Sandra Bullock, including last year’s foursome with a man and two women (one of whom was known mistress Michelle ‘Bombshell’ Mcgee) that may or may not have involved a latex glove. Jesse is currently in rehab, reportedly for sex addiction.

In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, tattoo artist and owner of Ocean Beach Tattoo and Piercing in San Diego, Eric McDougall, and receptionist, Skittles Valentine, confess to having a freaky foursome with Jesse James and Michelle “Bombshell” McGee last June – and Skittles had intercourse with Jesse without a condom.

The racy encounter took place one drunken night after the Ink-N-Iron tattoo festival last June while Sandra Bullock was busy promoting The Proposal. “Michelle came into my shop and was like, ‘I’d like to introduce you to my boyfriend,'” Eric tells Life & Style. “I recognized Jesse right away.”

After Eric filled in Jesse’s octopus tattoo with a little color free of charge, Jesse and Bombshell went to a liquor store downstairs and returned with booze to lighten the mood. Michelle made the first move, kissing Skittles, and then they all found their way to the tattoo parlor’s private back room. “Jesse and Michelle both wanted Skittles,” says Eric, noting there was never a mention of Sandra.

“Eric and I were having sex, so we switched off, and Jesse and I had sex,” Skittles tells Life & Style exclusively. “I had an awesome time. I think Jesse is so cute.” The foursome ended only when Bombshell got jealous of Skittles spending too much time with Jesse — and the two ended up in a hair-pulling, knock-down fight! (Requests for comments from Jesse and Michelle were not returned.) While Eric can’t recall if he used protection during the more intimate part of the night, Jesse didn’t use any protection. “Maybe I used a latex glove,” says Eric. “I don’t know. Sometimes as a last-case scenario I tie a latex glove finger off.”

Jesse James seems pretty screwed. If I was Sandra Bullock, I’d serve him papers right now and start dating me. I know how to treat a lady. My imaginary girlfriends have nothing but good things to say about me.

On a final note, that Eric guy from the Ocean Beach tattoo parlor sounds like a poor man’s MacGyver. Tying off a latex glove finger off to use as a condom? Genius. I hope for his sake he uses double protection and combines that with theĀ  pull out method.

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