Jesse James is the new Tiger Woods

A third mistress has come out claiming she and Jesse James hooked up more than once and she has 195 text messages to prove it.

LA photographer Brigitte Daguerre says Jesse hired her in 2008 to do work for a West Coast Choppers shoot. They emailed and texted for a year, but only had sex four times before Brigitte cut it off. About the texts, TMZ says:

Daguerre has 195 text messages between her and Jesse (the cell phone numbers sync up) … many of them extremely graphic. Among the milder, Jesse says, “I’ll be your monkey.”

Throughout the exchanges, Jesse repeatedly asks Daguerre to send pictures and set up rendezvous. In one exchange, Daguerre complained that Jesse wasn’t letting loose. He explains, “I’m texting you in secret.”

Most of those messages were probably “Tits or GTFO!” Jesse seems unimaginative and lazy enough to just do that. I mean, he wears the same overalls every day. The most creative message he sent was probably “I’ll be your monkey” and that’s probably because his tv was on Animal Planet.

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