Jessica Simpson isn’t a fan of John Mayer

Last month in Playboy, John Mayer called Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm” and “crack cocaine”. Looks like Jessica doesn’t know how to take a compliment because she went on Oprah and said “I don’t want people to know how I am in bed!”

A source adds that Simpson is “disgusted” by what John said and that John brought Jessica to dark places. “He actually texted apologizing, like, 12 times, but she ignored it.”

Did Mayer try to “change” Simpson? During their time together, the natural blonde went brunette, and “[Mayer] brought her to new places sexually, and they were dark places,” an insider told Us. “She liked being a bad girl and being manhandled, but now she feels it was a mistake because of what he said in the interview.”

I have mixed feelings about John Mayer now. On one hand, he’s a big douche bag who tries hard to be shocking. On the other, he got Jessica to be real dirty in bed. And this was the less fat Jessica. Before she started using butter as mouthwash. Should I pat him on the back or punch him in the face or both?

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10 years ago

Douche bag fits. So does the punch in the face. several.

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