Jessica Simpson will deny John Mayer her sexual napalm

Jessica Simpson hit up The View this morning and talked about a bunch of things. More importantly she talked about John Mayer’s interview where he compared her to sexual napalm and crack cocaine. Jessica told the hosts, “My phone has been ringing. It’s more embarrassing because I’ll walk into a restaurant and I’ll notice that more men are looking at me and I feel like they’re undressing me.” Asked if she had spoken to John since the interview, she said, “Oh no. He’ll never have this napalm again.”

In defense of men, we’ve been undressing Jessica with our eyes since she broke onto the scene. But now that she’s a little heavier, some of us aren’t undressing her anymore. We’re just staring at her, longing for the days when she only ate cupcakes on cheat days instead of on days ending in Y. Sigh.

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13 years ago

Wow, that’s rought. lol