Jude Law is a good father

Jude Law slept with Samantha Burke while he was shooting Sherlock Holmes. Samantha then told him she was pregnant and Jude did a face palm. Samantha gave birth and since then Jude has maybe seen his new daughter Sophia once. “He cuddled Sophia and admitted she looked beautiful but his visit was fleeting and seemed mainly businesslike.” He’s like Batman around illegitimate children.

However, Jude has agreed to pay Samantha $5,000 a month and bless his baby Sophia with at least two visits a year, once around Christmas. Not a bad deal for a girl looking for a payday. Samantha still has to work, but at least the baby will be taken care of and she’ll still have a chance to trick Jude into sleeping with her again to get another $5,000 a month.

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