Kristen Stewart almost had a dress malfunction

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning hit up the premiere of Runaways in NYC last night. Kristen didn’t look half-bad. To make matters better, she almost slipped out of her dress (that’s what I hope dress malfunction means in the photo description) before her meddling assistant came to the rescue. You’ve made a very powerful enemy, Kristen Stewart’s assistant!

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13 years ago

WHAT dress malfunction?!?! Are you people serious?? Your editors and photographers really need to get their eyes checked! I swear, if I see one more retard today, I’m gonna rip someone a new ass! This article was a total waste of my time. Luckily I managed to salvage some of my time by letting others know how dumb this was by commenting. You people are either that sickeningly bored or just that desperate to make a buck…….PATHETIC!