Lindsay is having a great month

If you’re wondering how things could get any worse for Lindsay Lohan, then how about the fact that cops are seriously considering slapping a 5150 on her forehead and hauling her off to the looney bin to be evaulated.

Cops who see Lindsay at her worst — late nights and early mornings when she needs assistance avoiding the paparazzi — tell TMZ they have been concerned about her “erratic behavior” and “attitude,” which have grown progressively worse over the last few months.

We’re told during one of Lindsay’s crazier nights out recently, cops became so concerned they discussed taking her in for a 5150 evaluation.

Cops decided against it because she didn’t meet all the criteria for a 5150 — they felt she could still take care of herself, though feebly.

On top of that, media outlets are already writing her obituary because Lindsay’s death is pretty much a sure thing at this point and they need to be prepared. They don’t want to be caught with their pants down like when Brittany Murphy and Heath Ledger died.

The only way things could get worse for Lindsay is if she was truck by lightning and then a lion chased her into a pit of poisonous snakes. A quadriplegic drowning in the middle of the Pacific has better luck than her.

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13 years ago

God Perez is so ugly. It’s like the modern day Winchell a hideous man in every area but people hang out with him in order to avoid his wraith, or ms paint really. They hate the man behind his back making him the biggest joke although well paid joke, in Entertainment *blogging* business. He’s a crass dirtbag. Can’t wait to see him go down in flames, he deserves it so much.