Lindsay Lohan is out of a job

The folks over at WWD were wondering what happened with Lindsay Lohan and that whole artistic adviser at Ungaro thing when they noticed she didn’t show up to their presentation in Paris today so they called up a rep.

The answer they got was shocking! Shocking if you thought Lindsay was in any way capable of doing something right. The rep merely said “She’s not involved in this collection.” WWD and everyone else is taking that to mean they fired Lindsay.

And why wouldn’t they. Lindsay probably had very little to do with the failed line she was working on apart from ooh’ing and ahh’ing at shiny fabrics and asking if she could take a few hundred samples home with her. She had about as much a hand in the collection as a baby does in changing its diaper. Meaning, she took a dump all over it and someone else had to clean it up.

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