Lindsay Lohan might be banned from India

Back in December, Lindsay Lohan traveled to India and lied about saving 40 children from child trafficking. Now India wants to put her on the immigration blacklist thereby denying her entry ever again. That’ll put a damper on things because I’m sure she was planning on returning real soon.

Officials say Lindsay broke the law when she traveled as a tourist and never filed for a work visa while filming the BBC documentary. Currently, civil servants in New Delhi are studying the case to decide whether or not to ban this walking case of VD.

Whatever. You know there’s no way Lindsay would go back to that place unless she was being paid or it was real good publicity. Lindsay favors places with sandy beaches, debauchery and copious amounts of alcohol. Not places with poverty, crime and child trafficking. That’s like asking a fish to vacation in the desert.

Also, since we’re banning Lindsay from places. How about one for USA? A good plan would be to ban her while she’s in the UK. That way when she comes back, the security guard at the airport will put his hand up in her face and go, “No ma’am,” and then shoo her away.

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