Lindsay Lohan to fail at handbags

Lindsay Lohan is the opposite of King Midas. Everything she touches withers and dies instead of turning into gold. She has failed miserably at almost everything be it acting, leggings, designing clothes or simply escorting a rich old man to an Italian ball. So it’s no surprise people are dubious about her collaboration with Ed Hardy on a line of handbags.

“Lindsay and the design team at Ed Hardy have mutual friends, and they knew she was interested in looking for a handbag license and partner,” our source says. “They thought she’d be a good fit and so did she.”

So far, it sounds like the collaboration is running smoothly. “As of last week, there are three collections in development and numerous more are expected,” our source says. “Lindsay is very directly involved with the project, and she’s always pulling things online and from magazines for ideas.”

Note that this is the same girl who put knee pads on her line of leggings. “Designed for the modern whore”, I believe the tagline was. Consequently, expect these handbags to have special pockets for condoms or birth control pills and another dedicated pocket for every young whore’s Valtrex pills. Being this is a collab with Ed Hardy, also expect an abundance of sweet ass skulls on the outside.

Here’s Lindsay trying to hide herself while leaving Teddy’s last night. You can tell it’s Lindsay because she’s dressed like she’s doing the walk of shame and only Lindsay can pull off a walk of shame out of a nightclub.

[Images: Pacific Coast News]

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12 years ago

Does that first word on her shirt start with an “S”? Nahhhhh…prolly an “L”

12 years ago

This should be the hangtag on her handbags,

AND her funbags :P

12 years ago

She must touch her face alot.

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