Michelle McGee has a big heart

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee admits to Radar that her affair with Jesse James was part of a premeditated plan to take care of her family. Everybody all together now: Awww.

If she had ended up with Jesse, she undoubtedly would have gotten some of his money. And now that the affair is over, she sold her story to a tabloid magazine and has learned exclusively she is working on more deals to make cash off of revealing even more details of her affair.

It appears that her relationship with James was premeditated to profit for her children’s future. McGee apologizes for hurting her family, expresses sadness over “hate mail” she has been receiving and goes on to say she “did it for my family”.

Looks like the only thing Michelle is guilty of is having a big heart. We had it all wrong. Michelle only whored herself out on webcams and then to Jesse James and then to the media for her kids. It’s like that old saying goes. Don’t judge a whore by her tattooed cover.

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14 years ago

Are you kidding? Please tell me your kidding posting this. So you mean to tell me that this was all a plot. That she actually planned to make Jesse take his winkie and do her? That Poor Jesse was Framed? Please Blemish, you have got to be dumber than a bag of hammers. Ha ha ha, This is Hilarious. So now lets see? She a Nazi, A self proclaimed Gold digger, On and On and On. It takes 2 to tango buddy. He could have said “NO” Im married. So lets just blame her for everything. Its the easy way… Read more »
14 years ago

She must be bummed now that three other mistresses has come forward, she wasn’t numero uno in his life. Of course he was her boyfriend according to her. Except the only place he took her was on his couch at work in Long Beach. Also, she said the only gift she got from him was a West Coast Choppers t-shirt. Delusional!