Miley Cyrus explains the internet

Miley Cyrus left Twitter a while back leaving her followers lost and without a leader. Now she explains to Movieline why she had forsaken them. Before you start, here’s a fun game. Count how many times she uses the word “like”.

“I was kind of, like, tired of telling everyone what I’m doing,” Cyrus told Movieline. “I hate when I read things and celebrities are complaining like, ‘I have no personal life.’ I’m like, well that’s because you write everything that you’re doing.”

“So I was that person who was like, ‘I’m so sad. I have no real, normal life, everyone knows what I’m doing.’ And I’m like, well that’s my own fault because I’m telling everyone,” Cyrus said. “And then I’d tweet, ‘I’m here,’ and I’d wonder why a thousand fans are outside the restaurant. Well, hello, I just told them. So I’m just, like, kind of thinking doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Everything I’m saying is not really going with what I’m putting on the internet.

Asked if the change has been for the better, Cyrus took a moment to consider, then said, “I’m a lot less on my phone, I’m a little bit more social. I have a lot more real friends as opposed to friends who are on the internet who I’m talking to — which is like not cool, not safe, not fun and most likely not real. I think everything is just better when you’re not so wrapped up in [the internet].”

“I just think it’s kind of lame,” Cyrus continued. “I feel like I hang out with my friends and they’re so busy taking pictures of what they’re doing and putting them on Facebook that they’re not really enjoying what they’re doing. You’re going to look back and have a million pictures, but you’re not going to be in any of them. Because you’re not having fun, you’re too busy clicking away. So I think just enjoy the moment you’re in, and stop telling people about it. Just enjoy it.”

Internet relationships aren’t safe, fun or real? You tell that to Angela who I met on Chat Roulette. She’s funny and has a kick-ass body. Although she suspiciously managed to stay in the same position for 20 minutes and her voice did sound a little gravel-y. She probably had a cold or something. And answer me this. Is inviting me to her house and telling me to come alone something a fake person would do? I think not.

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11 years ago

I hate this fucken stunned CUNT

11 years ago

Well, what she said was pretty insightful about clicking away at life and not actually immersing yourself in the moment and enjoying it amongst other things.

11 years ago

This was actually some of the very best-if not the best-things Miley has ever said: Insightful, and very cool, great attitude. I wish she would open her mouth just a little more, and explain to all these who Tweet and Facebook like maniacs, that all the “social Media” promotion has one, and only one, target: DELIVER TARGETED ADS. Not to make them friends, and not to inform everyone what they’re doing. That phone number is precious to advertisers, just like a working e-mail address is. But, she would upset her sponsors if she did, because when an ad appears in… Read more »

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