Mischa Barton is doing great

Mischa Barton needs more work so she can pay off her credit card bills. In line with a friend at Whole Foods Monday night, Mischa got the muchies and started snacking on pasta she was buying but when she got to the register, the cashier told her her credit card was declined. In fact, all her cards were declined. Radar says she fumbled through her purse in search of cash but had none. Her friend eventually paid for her and Mischa left embarrassed.

It must suck being Mischa Barton. A few years ago she was on a hit tv show. Then ratings started to drop. Then she was killed off. Then she starred in a bunch of movies no one watched. Now she can’t even charge pasta to her card. It seems like she has an easier time finding a cure for cancer than she does finding steady work. I’ve seen slower falls from suicide victims.

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