Sandra Bullock moved the hell out

Looks like Sandra Bullock may have knew about the affair. On Monday before news broke that Jesse James cheated on her with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, Bullock moved out of their SoCal house.

Bullock, 45, left on Monday, the source says. Bullock, who won her first Oscar – a Best Actress award – for The Blind Side on March 7, also abruptly canceled a trip to Europe for the London premiere of the film.

By all accounts Jesse James is a complete retard. He cheated on Sandra Bullock with a girl who nicknamed herself Bombshell. That’s like trading in a Cadillac Escalade for a Pinto. He might as well have cut off his penis and replaced it with a drawing while he was at it.

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12 years ago

I read that her publicist called her and gave her a heads up on the story before it was released…

12 years ago

It would be “known about the affair”. Sad story. To think one week you are given the highest honor in the film industry and the next you find out your husband has screwed a crazy Nazi who is bipolar and looks like she hasn’t bathed or washed her hair in a month and probably has at least 40 STD’s. I call her Stinky McBadboobjob – A white supremacist, really what a pile of garbage she is. Jesse is a dummy.