Stephanie Seymour is in St. Barts

Stephanie Seymour was a big supermodel back in the day and this must be the theme of the day because she’s still not bad looking as evident the other day when she was frolicking in the water at St. Barts with her kids.

One thing I don’t get is why she took her daughter’s top off. Well, not really. Who cares? It’s a little kid. She probably didn’t need one anyway. What actually bothers me is why her brother is carrying it around like a trophy. It looks like he’s doing the Hulk Hogan “I can’t hear you motion”. If that kid starts tearing it in half and “I am a real American” starts playing in the background, we may have a problem because Hulkamania may start running wild.

[Images: Fame, INF]

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The Blemish

you wrote for this post-One thing I don’t get is why she took her daughter’s top off well she took off more then
her top look at some of the pics like #37 you can
see she dont have on buttoms either and in pic #37 her
brother got his hand right on her butt

harry brant
harry brant

UGH I CANT GET OVER THT BECAUSE OF PPL LIKE U IT MAKES US SCARED TO GO ON THE BEACH thats what BOTHRS ME FlagLikeReply Harry BRANT0 minutes ago do u fantasise about drownding yr kids and btw me and lily r soo close and i play with her like everyday so shame on u GET A LIFE FlagLikeReply Harry BRANT 1 minute ago im am cary hey HEADBAND for the outfit because she asked me to GERK and Btw none of yr buisnies HB FlagLikeReply Harry BRANT 0 minutes ago AND SHE WAS PLAYING WITH MY SISTER AND U… Read more »


You are a horrible person to take pictures and manipulate them into something that is bad. The Brant/Seymour Family are wonderful people and I hate these gossip websites for trying to twist things just so they can have an article to entertain people. SHAME ON YOU! GO FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE. OR GO ACTUALLY FIND AN ARTICLE THAT IS TRUE.


“It’s like the Holocaust all over again.” is not exactly a good reference. You may have offended several people. Please refrain from “twisting” stories. It is probably something very simple and you are making it bad and a big deal.

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