The 82nd Academy Awards are on

The 82nd Academy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars, are on today. I’m told this is a big deal. Apparently a bunch of big shot Hollywood celebrities gather around the Kodak Theatre and tell each other how great they were last year. And people actually want to see it. Weird.

A bunch of other sites are live blogging this and are doing a much better job at it than me so I’ll do the next best thing. Almost live ambiguous updates. That’s where I just post stuff like “OMG” and “Can you believe that?” and you have to figure out what I’m talking about. It’ll be really fun, trust me. Hey, where are you going?

To start things off. OMG! Can you believe that?

Below: Charlize Theron. Stuart Townsend isn’t in any of these so hopefully that means she’s single.

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will walker
will walker
14 years ago


l holden
l holden
14 years ago

I agree its pathetic what people will say they dont think about the one getting hurt