The Oscar won’t change Mo’Nique

After Mo’Nique stopped chewing on her Oscar in a failed attempt to find a chocolate center, she addressed everyone in the press room Sunday night after winning Best Supporting Actress.

“I am a stand up comedian who won an Oscar!” she joked in the press room of Sunday’s show Sunday night. “Ha, baby, I tickle me!”

“You know, this role was so not about my acting career,” she added. “This role has shaped my life and allowed me not to judge and to love unconditionally. If that goes into my career, great, but if it doesn’t and I’m just the dynamic person that I strive to be every day, then I’ve won, baby!”

When asked what would happen in Hollywood if more actresses didn’t shave their legs like her, she quipped, “They would win Oscars!”

Then Mo’Nique started chewing on her Oscar again. You know. Just to double check.

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