Adrian Grenier is a jackass

Adrian Grenier is on Entourage which is on HBO and which only 1% of America watches (I made that up based on on awful the show is). To Adrian Grenier, however, Entourage is the equivalent of Lost and he’s a big star. That’s why he acts like a gigantic douche.

Last week at Amnesia in NYC, Adrian hit on a group of girls. Well, he didn’t so much as hit on them, rather, he made a complete ass of himself. From the NYDN:

“They put their arms around each of the women and suavely said: ‘Hey baby, this is what it’s like to be famous’ ” a partygoer tells us. “Then they laughed in the girls’ faces and walked off.”

So were the femmes impressed by the heartthrob’s advances? Not quite.

“The girls thought it was obnoxious,” says the snitch. “Someone should teach him a little modesty.”

If I was a girl and Adrian Grenier put his arm around me, I’d scream rape and blow my rape whistle which I would carry around all the time in his ear. The only reason they walked off so fast is they didn’t want to wait around for the girls to laugh in their faces. It’s like when you tell a stupid joke and then you laugh real loud to break the awkward silence which makes everyone feel even more uncomfortable.

[Pacific Coast News]

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13 years ago

Don’t believe everything you hear.