Amy Winehouse still a mess

It’s been a while since Amy Winehouse was mentioned on this site. Maybe that’s because she’s finally put her life back together and is living a drama free life. Ha! And pigs can fly.

The latest news about Amy is she’s back in the hospital after she fell on her seven month old breasts and bruised them. She also cut her forehead and bruised her ribs. Now she’s in a private clinic in London and she won’t leave.

Her injuries are “not serious” but her agent said, “She really likes the clinic so may stay a few days.”

A source at the hospital says Amy was really drunk when she was brought in and caused a scene. Obviously. “Amy was running up and down the corridors with her top off and reeking of booze. She has been heard complaining of pain caused by bruising on her breasts and around her ribs. The nurses had to step in and ask her to calm down. eventually she had to be taken back to her room. The ward sister was absolutely fuming.”

You know this is just a scam to get more meds. She’s in a Costco of painkillers and all she has to do is complain about bruising to get some. This is like heaven for her. Of course she doesn’t want to leave.

[Pacific Coast News]

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