Christina Aguilera is more sexual after motherhood

Christina Aguilera. Remember her? She used to be up there with Britney Spears. Then she turned into X-tina and then back into Christina and then got pregnant. She’s fallen off the map recently, but she’s hoping to get back on it now that her new album is coming out in June. Which is why she’s doing interviews and telling everyone she’s more sexual now.

Christina was on The Bert Show on Atlanta’s Q100 radio and said, “I think I’m even a more sexual Christina. It’s just something that’s happening inside of me at this point in my life. I just think the comfort in your own skin really exudes.

What does that even mean though? She used to wear hot little outfits like this before she was pregnant. Then she posed naked when she was pregnant for Marie Claire. Her kid was born two years ago and she still acts and dresses the same. At LAX she gave everyone underneath the balcony an upskirt show. If you’re graphing this right now, Christina’s sexuality will have remained a constant straight line throughout the years. The line may have even dipped a little because she doesn’t get wild anymore. The most recent shots of her are below. Boooring.

Someone should tell her this isn’t how it works. She can’t just go on radio shows and lie about being sexual just to promote an album when the facts don’t support her claim. What I’m trying to say is, TITS OR GTFO!


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