Elin Nordegren took the kids to Sweden

If you were waiting for Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods to finally get back together, then don’t hold your breath. Radar says Elin took her two kids and flew to Sweden on Monday.

The new separation comes as the couple continues to live apart and spends virtually no time together. Elin has taken four trips without Tiger in the past several weeks, including four nights in Arizona that overlapped with Tiger’s appearance in the Masters. has learned exclusively that Elin is not planning a short stay but is also not in Sweden for an extending trip.

Tiger should not under any circumstances follow Elin to Sweden and leave weepy messages on her machine promising you and her will be together forever. According to the temporary restraining order in my mailbox, when women move far away from you, they aren’t playing hard to get.

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I always felt that, Elin Nordegren was going to divorce Tiger Woods after his savage betrayal and world-wide humiliation and that Tiger has known this from the beginning. Elin is a woman with moral principles, dignity and self respect and she would never stay with a pervert man like Tiger, whom she does not respect and trust anymore. Elin agreed to put the divorce on hold for six months, so Tiger could get rehab and return to his career. Tiger had hoped Elin would change her mind but she did not. The six months are almost up and Elin will… Read more »


Well that would be a neat trick. It’s not as if Swedish airspace hasn’t been closed for the past week on account of the bigA volcano in Iceland.


Nice try. The first flights from the US didn’t arrive until this morning (22 April), genius.

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