Jenna Elfman is a good wife

Crazy married Scientologist Jenna Elfman got a little too into making out with her co-star Jon Foster while filming a love scene in Accidentally on Purpose.

The actress, who is married and to actor Bodhi Elfman, admits she was entranced during an onscreen lip lock, and she was shocked by how good it made her feel.

She says, “My husband and I are (sexually) active, so it’s not like I’m not getting that at home. But for some reason it felt really good kissing my co-star, and I’ve been kissing leading men for a long time so it’s not anything new. I was totally enjoying how it was feeling and completely forgot my lines.”

She adds, “The moment I realized I forgot my lines because I was enjoying kissing my co-star, I couldn’t believe it. I pride myself on being a (professional). That was the most humiliating thing.”

This is exactly what every boyfriend/husband wants to hear. How kissing the guy you work with was like kissing a unicorn while high. Jenna should teach classes on “How to make your man feel secure” while her husband Bodhi should teach classes on “How to kill your wife and dispose of the body”.


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