Kelly Rowland is mad

Kelly Rowland was on a Qantas flight into Sydney Thursday and berated the Qantas cabin crew after getting off the plane. Rowland said she and her entourage were treated like children calling the service “shitty”.

It’s said Kelly and her people tried to use their cell phones during the flight and other people were sitting in the wrong seats. If you ask Kelly, however, she has no idea why they were treated like that. She’s innocent. *Cue doe eyes*

“I found the flight attendants really sh***y”. I don’t know why. You tell me,” Rowland said.

“They were very rude to us. That’s the first time you’ll ever hear me say a curse word. They were just rude to us on the plane. They treated us like five-year-old kids.”

Asked what sparked the incident she said, “I don’t know. Every time I’ve flown Qantas it’s always been fantastic. It was rather unpleasant.”

Celebrities act like spoiled brats all the time but what’s fascinating is they’re always so surprised when people call them out on it. It’s like they can’t believe these peons are speaking up for themselves, like they’re somehow above the law. I’m surprised they don’t stick their fingers in their ears and go “lalalala, I can’t hear you!” when someone tries to discipline them.

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12 years ago

ah stfu just be glad for the shitty attention you get