Lindsay Lohan blew off her deposition to shop

A few years ago, Lindsay Lohan stole an SUV with three people inside and ran amok in Santa Monica, chasing her assistant around town. When cops pulled her over, they found out out she was drunk and had cocaine on her. 84 minutes in jail later, she was free. The three men in the car naturally sued her and yesterday was her scheduled deposition.

Well, Lindsay decided not to go. Instead, she went shopping which is ten times better than going to a boring ass court deposition. It’s like when you’re supposed to attend your friend’s parent’s funeral and tell them you can’t make it because you have to take care of something. That something being sitting at home and watching reruns of The Simpsons. I mean, it’s not like their parents are going anywhere. Amiright?

Anyway, Lindsay claimed she couldn’t go to her deposition because she had to go to court-ordered traffic school. Oh, that and she also had to get ready to get drunk later that night. She’s a very busy girl.

[Fame, Pacific Coast News]

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12 years ago

Shes a skank. Orange pussy and all

12 years ago

why ppl want to think abt bad for her. she should have personal life..ppl u r so rude for her. let her live!!