Lindsay Lohan missed another deposition

For the second time this month, Lindsay Lohan skipped her deposition in which she was to explain what happened when she hijacked an SUV in 2007. The three passengers were scheduled to take Lindsay’s deposition at 10 AM on Tuesday, but Lindsay’s lawyer told TMZ she couldn’t get a ride until 11 AM. Lindsay’s not allowed to drive as a condition of her probation.

Someone should tell Lindsay about this amazing new service called “taxis”. These people drive yellow cars and shuttle people from one destination to another. I know what you’re thinking, “My own personal chauffeur? Doesn’t that get expensive? I’m no Meryl Streep or nothin’!” That’s the beauty of it. The rates are reasonable so you don’t even have to be a celebrity to use one. Lindsay should really look into this.

Here’s Lindsay partying at Trousdale later on that night.

[Pacific Coast News]

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