Mario Lopez is a good boyfriend

Sources say Mario Lopez, host of Extra, is so obsessed with having the perfect body that he told his girlfriend Courtney Mazza, currently pregnant, to get a personal trainer, a breast enhancement and liposuction so that he could arrange to be photographed with her in a bikini at the beach. Nice guy.

“Courtney was engaged to a guy in Queens before she met Mario, but once they got together she dropped everything to go to California and be with him,” the source said. “He encouraged her to work out with a trainer every day. She underwent a boob job and liposuction last spring. Once her body was perfect, he arranged for them to be photographed on a beach.”

It’s gonna suck once Courtney pops out that kid since you know Mario is gonna want a fast turnaround on that body. He’ll give her two weeks tops. Any slower and she’ll suffer the indignity of being called a fatty every time she walks through the door. And he’d be justified in saying so. No one likes a fatty and what unmotivated slob of a woman can’t lose the 30 pounds she gained during her 8 month pregnancy in the span of at least two weeks. I mean, really. Only 4 hours of cardio a day? It’s like you’re not even trying.

[Pacific Coast News]

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