Michael Lohan wants to save Lindsay

Michael Lohan has teamed up with Gloria Allred’s daughter, attorney Lisa Bloom, to embark on a quest to save his daughter Lindsay Lohan from death.

“Michael just wants the best for his children, Lindsay is out of control. Ali has been living with her, supposedly getting home schooled, but we don’t know who is monitoring her,” Brenner told Tarts. “There is no reason she should be living there, she should be at home. Nobody is looking out for Lindsay either, Dina keeps saying she has no problems.”

We’re also told that Lindsay often calls and texts her “estranged” father in times of need, but in the public light plays out as if she has nothing to do with him – which confuses Michael greatly.

If this was the cavemen days, natural selection would have already taken out the entire Lohan clan. But with the advances of modern technology, even the most severe of the mentally handicapped like the Lohans can stay alive indefinitely. Michael need not worry.

And is Ali really being home schooled by Lindsay? What could Lindsay possibly teach her? How to live without dignity? How to quiet that voice inside your head that some call “common sense”? I could be wrong, but those don’t seem as useful as math and science.

[Pacific Coast News]

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James Saunders
James Saunders
14 years ago

I have always felt sorry for Lindsay Lohan but I am not so sure that Michael Lohan could be trusted to save anybody.