Naomi Campbell doesn’t want to talk about those blood diamonds

In 1997, representatives of president Charles Taylor, a Liberian strongman currently on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity, knocked on Naomi Campbell’s door and gave her a huge uncut blood diamond. Page Six explains,

The excitable supermodel and the genocidal warlord were overnight guests of Nelson Mandela, correspondent Brian Ross reports, as was Mia Farrow, who has campaigned to bring attention to Taylor’s diamond-fueled campaign of terror over the Liberian border in Sierra Leone.

Farrow tells Ross she learned of the diamond at breakfast: “Naomi Campbell came down . . . she said during the night some men had knocked on her door and she, half-asleep, had opened the door and it was representatives of President Charles Taylor and that they had given her a huge diamond. And we were like, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ ”

Ross narrates: “Prosecutors say Taylor was in South Africa . . . to buy weapons for the Sierra Leone rebels with blood diamonds and that Mia Farrow’s information about Campbell helps tie him to the purchase.”

Farrow says, “You don’t forget when a girlfriend tells you she was given a huge diamond in the middle of the night . . . There’s no doubt in my mind. All I thought was, ‘Gosh, what an amazing life Naomi Campbell has. Probably lots of men are always giving her diamonds.’ “

Now Naomi is being asked to testify. Oh, but do you think Naomi is willing to give up that big uncut diamond? Hell no. At a recent Fashion Week appearance to raise money for Haiti, Naomi was asked about it and she said, “I didn’t receive a diamond and I’m not going to speak about that.” Then she slammed the camera to the floor.

Asking Naomi to give up a huge uncut diamond is like asking a starving bear to give up a New York steak. There’s no way Campbell is risking that being taken away even if it was literally stained with the blood of a hundred innocent lives. Plus, I’m sure the way it sparkles under the light washes away the guilt real quick.

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