Nicolas Cage is crazy, awesome

Nicolas Cage owes the IRS around $14 million and a tax lien was placed on his real estate holdings. His house was put up for auction in early April for $10.4 million, much less than the $35 million Cage tried to sell it for earlier, but it failed to sell again. Probably due to the fact that the interior was described as “frat house bordello”. One agent who visited it said, “There must have been 300 comic book covers elaborately framed and hanging on the walls.” Also, model train sets on raised tracks a couple feet below the ceiling circled the inside of the breakfast room and two bedrooms.

Consequently, you’d think Nic would be more frugal and hold off on making wild purchases. But this is Nic Cage we’re talking about. “F**k that,” Nic said. Which is why he just bought a 9-foot tall pyramid-shaped super-tomb in New Orleans cemetery where he plans on being buried.

Nic is like that friend who’s really fun to hang out with but at the same time is an idiot. He’s the type of person who’ll suggest to go skydiving and then in the plane, relentlessly tries to convince you to replace your chute with “this really cool Superman costume.”

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14 years ago

A super-tomb? Time to grow up and put the comic books and hair weaves down man!

14 years ago

Goddamn this man is awesome!

14 years ago

um, that’s awesome. entirely worth the money he paid for it in violation of the money he owes the IRS. lol. LOVE IT.