Olivia Munn is in FHM

Olivia Munn continued her look-at-me-I’m-in-a-bikini tour with a spread in FHM. Thankfully she makes it interesting because she talks about the time she had to stare at a collage of an agent’s girlfriend’s vagina.

Is that why you called your book Suck It Wonder Woman: The Misadventures of A Hollywood Geek?
Yea, it’s stories from when I got my first agent in Hollywood.

Do tell…
Well, that resulted in me having to stare at a collage of his girlfriend’s vagina in his house. He was like, “Come to my house, meet my girlfriend, meet my dogs, come see our art.” As I was walking around the house he was like, “Oh, this is my favourite piece.” I couldn’t really tell what it was at first so I got closer and closer until I was about three inches away from the picture and then I’m like, “Oh…” And he was like, “Yes, it’s Christine’s vagina.” So I’m staring at it and thinking, “Oh my God and Christine’s in the kitchen right now, and so is her vagina!” Some people are as douchey as you think they would be.

They should have more stuff like that in art museums. That way they won’t be so boring. Who cares why the Mona Lisa is smiling or how I interpret paint splatter? What we should be asking is if Christine’s vagina should it be frothing at the lips like that?

See more Olivia Munn at FHM.

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12 years ago

Now this is confusing. I got the June 2010 UK issue today and someone completely different is on the cover…

12 years ago

She also created her own Magazine

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