Snooki has fake drama

While filming The Jersey Shore on Saturday, some guy started hitting on Snooki, no doubt in an effort to fulfill his fantasies of midget sex and spinning a girl around on his penis 360 degrees.

Snooki told him, “Don’t f**k with me,” so he did the only rational thing one could do after getting rejected, walk off with Snooki’s drink and whine to his buddy. His buddy came over and demanded an apology from Snooki and Snooki, using her little sausage fingers, grabbed some food off her table and threw it over the guy. Then she slapped him in the face. Then she threw water over him. The guy retaliated by throwing his own drink on Snooki. Rawr. Catfight!

The best part about this video isn’t the fight. It’s the whole scene. If you still thought reality tv was real, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. Snooki looks like a panda at the zoo with all those people standing around in a circle gawking at her. That or like a pornstar about to do a 500 man gangbang scene.


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