Susan Sarandon loves being called a cougar

EW talked to Susan Sarandon, 63, about how things have changed now that she’s divorced from Tim Robbins. Susan says it’s exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Susan should watch out. She doesn’t want too much exhilaration. Her heart might give out.

EW went on to ask if she was seeing anyone. Susan gave a “no comment” but added:

“It’s a long time to not be dating and then go back into it. I certainly love the idea of being in love, and I love the idea of companionship. Whatever happens next in terms of romance and partners, I don’t know. But it’s exhilarating and terrifying. I think the point is just keep moving, and to just say yes to life.”

Oh and she doesn’t mind being called a cougar. “No, I love that!” I don’t get why old people would mind being called a cougar anyway. Cougars are hot, sexy and mature. What would they rather be called? Dignified? Who wants that? No one wants to hang out with someone “dignified”. That implies they have morals. How are you supposed to trick a person who’s “that way” into getting drunk and sleeping with you?


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