This puts things into perspective

I always knew Snooki was below five feet but that fact was never put into perspective. Until yesterday that is. Here she is walking around with the big breasted J-Woww. J-Woww looks like a giant compared to her. I couldn’t find J-Woww’s height but she might as well be 7’2”. She’s like the Jolly Green Giant standing next to Snooki. I don’t even think Snooki is legally allowed to drive without a booster seat.


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13 years ago

WOAH……………holy crap, that looks RIDICULOUS?? do they know how ridiculous they both look, good god. they should never be side by side ever again. the short one has to be, like 4’11 and the tall one is probably about 5’8-5’9. she’s as tall as the guy in that one picture. i had no idea she was really that tall, you just don’t see it during the show i guess, not that i’ve really watched it to see, but i’ve seen previews. i may be the only person under 40 who hasn’t seen the damn show.