Tiki Barber won’t support his pregnant ex

Tiki Barber dumped his eight month pregnant wife of 11 years Ginny to hook up with 23-year-old intern Traci Lynn Johnson, a former student turned NBC intern. Tiki’s been showering Traci with gifts but has been “low-balling” Ginny in out-of-court negotiations for financial support. Ginny is pregnant with twins and already has a seven-year-old and six-year-old with Tiki.

“Tiki refused to give her anything close to what she needs,” the friend said. “The reason she filed is that settlement talks didn’t work.”

Tiki Barber sounds like a stand-up guy. Him, Jesse James and Tiger Woods should get together and swap stories to figure who’s the bigger asshole. Is it Jesse James who cheated on Sandra throughout their marriage with a Nazi? Or Tiger who had his own little blond harem everywhere he went? Or is it Tiki who left his pregnant wife for a 23-year-old and is nickel-and-diming her on a settlement? Man, this is a tough one!

  • Palin Puss Fart

    He makes so much doing his worthless commentary
    I hope he gets drained like that skunky x football star FCUKER WHORE BAG drains him in budget motels no doubt……
    Granted he was in a relationship and his nasty trick sleeps like a baby
    However that Sheet will come back to her too maybe not in a year, a decade,
    Hopefully Tiki’s wife sees all the aftershock and laughs that scrawny bald scum Fuk to the poor house
    Don’t get married if you’re weak and can’t make a commitment.

  • bobalouskie

    maybe, the kid is not HIS???

  • Michelle

    Maybe, he is an ASS and you are grasping at imaginary straws.

  • Jinxy

    The reality is that New York has some of the highest child support in the nation, he was trying to weasel out of it with a private settlement and low ball her during negotiations so she filed the divorce ensuring the courts would make him give her the biggest amount, it’s like 16% of wages per child. Tacky and his chicky will be shopping in Target not Chanel after the court gets done with this loser and his rotten whore girlfriend.

  • CJ

    Tiki is a pimp. Did you see that girl he is nailing, she is smoking hot.

  • DeeDee

    His wife is a b1tch. She was on Project Runway and I couldn’t stand her cold and cotrolling demeanor. Asian women are b1tches. They are bossy, controlling and money-hungry. She got what she deserved.

  • satan

    deedee spoke like a true loser- ya wish ya were that Asian b*tch weren’t ya. Too bad u r FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT & FUGLY.
    FYI: Asian women are not only b*tches but the best ones. Yes she deserved to have this piece of sh*t barbecued & served bien cuit.

  • lily

    lol Deedee, WAY to generalise. You just made yourself look like an idiot.

    Tiki is an arse. Well meh, karma is gonna get him sooner or later.

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