Tiki Barber won’t support his pregnant ex

Tiki Barber dumped his eight month pregnant wife of 11 years Ginny to hook up with 23-year-old intern Traci Lynn Johnson, a former student turned NBC intern. Tiki’s been showering Traci with gifts but has been “low-balling” Ginny in out-of-court negotiations for financial support. Ginny is pregnant with twins and already has a seven-year-old and six-year-old with Tiki.

“Tiki refused to give her anything close to what she needs,” the friend said. “The reason she filed is that settlement talks didn’t work.”

Tiki Barber sounds like a stand-up guy. Him, Jesse James and Tiger Woods should get together and swap stories to figure who’s the bigger asshole. Is it Jesse James who cheated on Sandra throughout their marriage with a Nazi? Or Tiger who had his own little blond harem everywhere he went? Or is it Tiki who left his pregnant wife for a 23-year-old and is nickel-and-diming her on a settlement? Man, this is a tough one!

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