Amanda Seyfried is good at tattoos

Girls usually get a tattoo of a butterfly or rose on their ankle or they put it on their lower back as a badge of whore honor. Not Amanda Seyfried though. No sir. Amanda is a unique snowflake. She has the word “minge” tattooed on her foot. Minge is English slang for vagina.

Amanda Seyfried has the word “minge” tattooed on her foot (scroll down for photo) and she explained its meaning to Chelsea Handler on her show.

“It means vagina and kind of proud of it,” she said. “It’s my nickname. You can’t see it, but it’s called Minge and it’s slang in England. It has something to do with your pubic hair in the dictionary.” defines minge as “vulgar term for a woman’s pubic hair or genitals.” According to Urban Dictionary, “The minge is not the actual vagina, but the hair surrounding the area. On the labia majora and the pubic mound. Loose, shaggy hair that is not neatly trimmed, and may be a little fragranced with ‘girl perfume.'”

Her nickname is vagina? That sounds like a nickname a bully gives you in school. Does she suffer from Stockholm Syndrome? I’m pretty sure at one point in my life some smartass called me a “cock” but you don’t see me adopting that nickname and tattooing it on my foot. First of all, that would be really gay. I might as well tattoo “insert here” on my cheek with an arrow pointing to my mouth. Second of all, no one calls me “cock” and gets away with it. Unless they’re bigger and stronger than me. In which case, yea, that is a cool nickname. Don’t hurt me!

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12 years ago

So if I start calling her a c*nt, she won’t mind? Oook…Kids these days..

*shakes head in exasperation*