Anne Hathaway knows how to pick them

Anne Hathaway’s last boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, is now in prison for cheating investors out of almost $4 million in a real estate scam. Anne’s current boyfriend, Adam Shulman, may soon be in jail for theft.

An alert Post photographer caught bit actor Adam Shulman on Saturday pulling down — and, with the aid of a pal, walking off with — part of a mural painted by street artist Mr. Brainwash, a k a Thierry Guetta.

Ken Hart, president of H&H Builders, said he considered the mural to be his property.

“If he brings me back the art, it’s over,” Hart said. “But if he doesn’t, I’m going to the police to report it stolen!”

Anne should probably just go lesbian. This is like surviving the Titanic and then getting stranded in the middle of a perfect storm. Her luck is so bad that if she ever played the lottery, she’ll end up paying the government $5 million. Even black cats are too scared to cross paths with her.

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that damn sh#$ disturber

pretty woman but so naive…


daaaaaaammmnn lmao

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