Even the judge knows Lindsay is lying

Earlier, Linday Lohan said she couldn’t get back to LA because all the flights were booked due to the volcano. Then Lindsay cited losing her passport as another reason she couldn’t make it back to the states in time for her hearing. Now it’s been discovered that even the judge in Lindsay’s case knew she was lying. Judge Marsha Revel’s husband used to run a major travel company. He could have easily figured out that, yes, there were seats available for her and that it only takes a few hours to get a temporary passport.

Lindsay is so dumb that she probably just heard about the volcano eruption the day before she was supposed to go back and started stringing lies together with each one snowballing into a bigger one. By tomorrow Lindsay’s next excuse will be that she was on her way back to LA when a terrorist attempted to gain control of the flight so they had to make an emergency landing in St. Barts where she’ll be detained for one week. She’ll follow up on Twitter with a sigh of relief and say that she’s glad she had the foresight to bring her bikini.

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