Jamie Pressly got another boob job

Jamie Pressly is now my favorite celebrity. Not because she got a second boob job. Well, yes. Actually it’s mostly because she got a second boob job.

An insider tells Us that she got them done two weeks ago and that “they look amazing!”

I would hope so. If I were a girl paying thousands of dollars for new tits, I’d expect nothing short of amazing. In fact, I’d expect them to shoot out liquid gold when I got excited. That’s how perfect I’d want them to be. No chick walks into a plastic surgeon’s office and goes, “Give me your most mediocre breasts.” It’s not a damn haircut. This applies to everyone except Tara Reid of course. Her breast augmentation looked like she got drunk one night and wanted a tattoo but the tattoo parlor was closed so she went to Tijuana for a boob job instead.


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