Justin Bieber doesn’t want you touching him

Beneath the calm, calculated and cool lesbian exterior lies a broken boy with deep issues. If you believe this new report that is.

On Sydney’s Mix FM, Sunrise co-host David “Kochie” Koch claims that their floor manager was directing Justin to where he was about to perform when Justin turned around to Nick (the floor manager) and said “don’t ever fucking touch me again.” Nick went “What?” continues:

“And then his sound guy, his audio guy said ‘don’t take offence mate he tells us that all the time’.

“So I was a little disappointed in that… I thought maybe someone needs to drag you aside and give you a bit of a slap.”

Bieber appeared on the show amid wild scenes late last month when police had to cancel his only Australian performance because several young fans were crushed in the hysterical 4000-strong crowd.

His performance was instead moved to the Sunrise studios in Martin Place in central Sydney.

Bieber has since gone to Twitter to deny the rumor. “Family time with my mom couldn’t come at a better time….I was raised to respect others and not gossip…nor answer gossip with anger. I know my friends family and fans know the person I am. Hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job I guess.”

Maybe floor manager Nick was manhandling him. I know I didn’t like that when I was a kid. I’d always lay out a set of rules beforehand for people to follow and when everything was finished, I’d collect my money from the dresser and leave. Justin should have done that.

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12 years ago

Don’t you hate it when talent is wasted on idiots?

12 years ago

Are you implying he has talent?

12 years ago

Are you implying she’s a he?