Kelly Preston is having twins

I have a theory for why John Travolta might be gay. His sperm is much too powerful. Star reports that Kelly Preston is pregnant with twin sons.

“They were ecstatic when they thought they were having just one baby,” an insider tells Star. “Now that there will be two, they can barely contain their happiness!”

Kelly, 47, began in vitro fertilization treatments, says the insider, which increases the chances of conceiving twins. Due this fall, Kelly is already busy preparing for the twins. Adds the insider, “She’s having the time of her life looking at all the cute little outfits and toys online!”

Imagine if John Travolta blasted every woman with his sperm without the help of in vitro. He’d be racking up triplets, sextuplets or quintuplets. Whenever Travolta had sex with a woman, it’d sound like a pinball machine in her vagina.

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