Kendra Wilkinson will get 50% of sales

Kendra Wilkinson, who’s sex tape she had no part in releasing, will receive up to 50% of the sales generated by the tape. While she’s publicly protesting the video’s release, she’s privately rubbing her hands together in anticipation of all the money she’s going to make.

In related news, the man in the tape has been revealed as Justin Frye, an MMA fighter. Sherdog has his record as 1-0. Basically, he’s fought once, in 2006, and won. I guess that qualifies him as a fighter. Regardless, Frye was paid $100,000 by Vivid for the tape. Kendra was cut in on the deal later.

A source says the two started dating while Kendra was still in high school which means Frye, four year older than Kendra, either met Kendra when she was a freshman or hangs around high schools for fun. Either way he’s sort of pervy.

But before she found Playboy fame, she shot several sex tapes with Frye while they were living in San Diego together.

“Justin had a tripod in his bedroom for the camera and a stripper pole in the apartment,” revealed the source.

“Kendra definitely was not shy about being in these tapes. There are tapes of Kendra in really compromising positions … doing a lot of embarrassing things.”

When Kendra moved out, she simply left the tapes behind.

β€œIt was a bad break-up… as soon as Hef took her, she was gone,” added our source.

“But Justin knew what he had iand obviously waited for the optimum moment to sell it.

“He waited until Kendra’s fame hit a certain level… he was striking while the iron is hot, if you like. This was a well orchestrated plan.”

The good news for Kendra is this tape will sell a lot. Most celebrity sex tapes are from ugly people like Shauna Sand and Chyna or from semi-famous people like Abi Titmuss. Pamela Anderson was the only real notable exception but that was ages ago. Now she looks like an undead monster so people suppress the fact she ever had a tape. Plus, this will allow her to grab the last few seconds of her 15 minutes of fame that’s slipping away.

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