Kevin Jonas is probably gay

In Touch Weekly reports that the semi-recently married Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle Delesa, don’t share a bed. They say it’s because of his snoring but the real reason is probably because “girls are icky.”

They’ve only been married for five months, but Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle Deleasa, are already sleeping in separate beds. According to a friend of the couple’s, when it comes to their sleeping arrangements, the honeymoon is over. But it’s not what you think — the problem is that Kevin, 22, snores like a freight train! “Kevin and Danielle had never spent a night together until their wedding night, so she had no clue that he snores so loudly,” the insider explains. “She loves her husband, but now she sleeps in a guest room when he gets too noisy.” “They are still crazy about each other,” says the pal. “But the snoring has become a big joke for their friends.”

Whatever. You know Kevin Jonas is still traumatized from their honeymoon when he first saw a vagina. He probably suffers from PTSD and has flashbacks every time he eats clams or fish. He probably goes into shock when someone asks if he wants to eat at a seafood buffet.



    kevin jonas is not gay!

    the press always wants to harm them just because they are good people!.

    reminds me of michael jackson they said the same. the press can not see people so that they want them always to accuse gay’s or bad people!. Enough!

    assumes that a friend said he slept with danielle kevin snoring that much, but said he is gay!

    You know that friend whether or not queire only harm the jonas brothers

  • rox

    fuck you!!

    kevin no is gay!!


  • Billy

    Lol at the girls are icky LAWL

    Jo Hoe fans can say what they want but u got Amit he looks gay and who the fuck gets married b4 having sex if hes bad in bed his wife is now stuck with a shit lay for eva.

    • PinkIce716

      Lots of people save themselves for marriage.

  • gorilla

    a lot of people have to do that, when you aren’t the snorer it can really drive you nuts!

  • Lynn

    I’ve been married 16 years and my husband and I rarely spend a night sleeping together for the same reason. We have the booty time…but then he goes aff to hisw guest bedroom so that he and I can both sleep well.

  • Ellen

    If he snores that loudly then he may have sleep apnea which could be a dangerous condition. He needs to be checked out by a doctor!

  • Palin Puss Fart

    There are too many options to cure snoring
    His problem is his crap pop making azz craves balls and a thick stick

  • sue

    I agree ELLEN.SLEEP APNEA tends to run in families .Snoring CAN be a symptom.Apnea means to stop breathing then the body will wake the person up to get a breath!This will go on all night and the person may have only gotten 1 or two hours of good sleep but think they got 8 hours!Untreated sleep apnea can damage the heart , brain and lead yo obesity!If the bodies organs are not getting enough oxygen they will not function correctly!I found out I have had sleep apnea 20 years.Memory loss ,irritability,lethargy all have affected my life .Get a sleep study or your loved one that snores.I have a Cpap machine .I’m happy I have a chance not to die of a heart attack at 56 like my dad who went undiagnosed!

    • rose

      gosh you are so naive

  • What??

    Sooo uh, She couldn’t buy earplugs? Thats what normal people would do when they can’t get to sleep. Yeah this does seem pretty shady and I think that if youve only been married for 5 months and are already sleeping in seperate beds your marriage is gonna be a long hard one.

  • What??

    And as a man I don’t think that this is info that I would be sharing with the media….very weird!

  • Julie

    I couldn’t care less about the Jonas Brothers and their undeserved careers or sh*tty music, but in his defense, my boyfriend of 3 years and I sleep in separate rooms. We’re both musicians with different work schedules, and I’m extremely noise and motion sensitive. So this story can have validity. No way in hell I’d sleep in the same bed as a guy who snored!

  • Larz Blackman

    Can the good kid get a fucking break?

  • Nice post

  • Lew

    Sleeping in separate bedrooms would probably give most people a better night’s sleep, honestly. They’re not the only couple that does it.

  • me

    he acts a little gay to me which is cool i could care less

  • me

    i would sleep with him snoring and all he is hot

  • rose

    I’m pretty sure his wife knows he’s gay. Everyone was starting to question his sexuality so he paid this women who is probably an old, long time friend and he paid her to marry him. Or she is too naive to notice.

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