Lindsay Lohan has a bad attitude

School officials at Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol education courses say Lindsay has a “bad attitude” and “entitlement issues.” A young actress who’s been spoiled all her life and earned money based on fame instead of talent doesn’t think she belongs in alcohol education and makes sure everyone knows it? Surprising. TMZ reports:

There have been reports that Lindsay made up the courses she missed, but we’ve learned she is still — as of this date — deficient … she hasn’t attended the required number of classes.

Fact is … even if Lindsay makes up the classes, the judge made it clear in an earlier hearing, “Defendant must attend program at least once a week without fail … defendant must be in full compliance to not be in violation.”

Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, takes issue with our story, telling TMZ, “Ms. Lohan is on track to complete her alcohol program within the time frame set by the judge, and any classes she missed were made up for.”

Based on what we know about Judge Marsha Revel, it’s almost certain she’ll order Lindsay to appear in person on May 20. In addition to missing classes, we’re told Lindsay’s bad attitude at the school will have a big impact on the judge. So the stage is set for a showdown.

Lindsay doesn’t think there are consequences to hijacking an SUV and driving recklessly down the PCH because there are none. For her. Had she been a nameless minority, cops would have put a baton to her before they cuffed her. She’d probably still be locked up. Oh, but it’s Lindsay Lohan so all she has to do is spend 90 minutes in jail even though she was also in possession of cocaine. The headline should just read, “Officials shocked actress acts like princess after treating her like a princess.”

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